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Welcome to the world of Bigbad 3d printed superb quality models. Here's the shop-> http://www.shapeways.com/shops/bigbad



Getting there slowly

Getting there slowly


Spacial dancer vid

Spacial Dancer




Ahh the latest mini from Bigbad, Codename BB012; The Spacial Dancer, now available!


Here comes the new mini, codename; the space dancer! available soon!basecoated

New arrivals!

Ok so 3 new models arrived, a set for promo, one for sale and one for templarscrusades01 competition over on youtube. the one for sale is the elegant “space dancer”. yet again the fem demons failed to print, so more work refining those….then i’ll try again!


Ugh so all three of the latest files were rejected, so i’ve got to fix them then re order. Sorry for the delay, I’m working as hard as i can :s

Something new

A hint of things to come