3d printed wargaming goodness

It’s here! Ether Nightmares available now.


The EtherNightmare is here, Fully posable, 6 armed , ultra fine detailed 3d printed model. Standing approximately 6 inches tall to the tip of her flaming skull  (all depending on what pose you put her in). An alluring and disturbing beast all at once, perfect for demons of lust, genies, djinn’s or a demigod in whatever war game you play. A big rare showpiece to add something special to your games.


1; doesn’t come with a base (the base above was made from plasticard)

2; Its made from shape-ways finest detail material, ultra fine detail, and requires super glue to stick. Warning be sure what pose your going to put her in first before sticking as superglued ultra fine detail makes a bond that very very hard to break off.

3; all 3d printed models need a clean before glueing or painting. hot water with a gentle toothbrush scrub will shift most of the waxy residue. bumpy areas are a sign of wax remaining. (personally on this model i washed it then undercoated it with space wolves grey, then took the blunt side of a scalpel and gently scraped the model. Areas with wax remaining had their paint peel off with the blunt edge and the peeled paint takes the wax with it. Whilst areas with no wax stayed the undercoat colour. I then re undercoated. This was a painstaking way of doing it as the model was to be heavily photographed and had to be perfect)

4; the joints on the model are pose-able, that also means that they leave gaps that need filling with greenstuff.

5; this is a very complex big kit which comes in a bag filled with parts, not for the fainthearted of the beginner modeller!

6; looks better in real life than with these photos.


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